Jillian L. Neuberger

Jillian L. Neuberger’16, from New Canaan, CT, interned with the U.S Department of State (DOS) Bureau of International Organizations in the Office of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs in Washington, D.C. My work involved three major projects as follows: First, my office oversees the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), and I was interning during the 29th session of the HRC. Activities included managing three HRC resolutions consisting of providing guidance for text negotiations, managing Department and interagency equities involved in the resolution, drafting statements or explanations of votes, and sending instruction cables. A second major area of work was in communicating with embassies overseas. In pursuing U.S. priorities at the HRC, and in other forums like the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the DOS communicates regularly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in foreign countries. During my internship work I drafted several such communications. The third project I was able to work on was treaty body elections. My office works on the nomination and election of U.S. nationals to international treaty bodies. During my tenure this included the campaign for the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the campaign for the Committee against Torture. These projects were both informed by my experiences at Macalester and will inform my future academic and professional endeavors. This internship has added considerably to my academics and has greatly deepened my knowledge of multilateral affairs and the practical application of humanitarian and human rights concepts. This experience has imparted very valuable knowledge regarding employment opportunities and the nature of work with the government. Through my work as an intern, and my interactions with my coworkers, I gained a lot of information on what it is like to work for the government and different career options I could pursue in the future. I look forward to engaging with human rights work professionally following my graduation in May. Through the Ostermeier Fellowship, this internship had a significant and formative impact on my academic and professional development, and my experience with the practical implementations of human rights theory will inspire me as I continue to seek out opportunities to support the study and protection of human rights internationally.